Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a passport to cruise?

If you are sailing on a ‘closed-loop’ cruise (meaning you begin and end at the same US port), you are not required to cruise with a passport.  It is strongly suggested to obtain one. In the event of an emergency while out of the country, you will have a very hard time returning back into the United States without a passport.

What type of ID do I need for a cruise?

If you are traveling without a passport, you must have your birth certificate/marriage certificate and a government issued photo ID to board the cruise ship.  Kids 16 and over require ID as well. Please note that non-US citizens must have proper ID (passports and/or visas) to travel.

How early can I book my vacation?

This is depends upon each supplier. If the rates are available, I can book it! Some suppliers offer accommodations years in advance! Flight schedules are available upto 300 days prior to travel. We can book your accommodations first, and add your air later!

How do you get paid?

Currently Twin Gemini's Travel Agency does not charge a planning fee. We do the work for you, and except payment from the supplier after travel is completed.

What do you charge to plan vacations?

Twin Gemini's Travel Agency, does not currently have a planning fee.  We offer one complimentary quote per request, which includes up to 3 options. If changes or additional options are requested, it can be subject to a $25 fee per change/additional option.  For complex itineraries, a planning deposit or retainer for time and research may be required. Please keep in mind, if Twin Gemini's Travel Agency does your travel research and does not book your vacation, there is no income for our company.  We choose to trust that our clients will work with us to find the best vacation so that time is not wasted.

Do I need travel insurance?

Although it is not required for all travel, it is highly recommended. Your vacation is an investment, and you may spend years saving for it. Trip protection covers instances before, during, and after travel. If you lose your luggage, miss your flight, become ill or injured and need to return home early - you have a better way of being compensated for your losses.

Does my healthy insurance cover illness or injury's out of the country?

This is dependent upon your insurance company. Most health insurances will not provide coverage when you are outside the United States. More importantly, some countries will not accept your health insurance and will require payment upfront. However, travel insurance and some trip protection policies provide medical coverage as well!