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Two Most Common Group Types for An All-Inclusive Destination Wedding!

Whew... you've finally said yes to having a destination wedding and visions of save the dates are running through your head. But the biggest question running that's running through your head now is, "how to get your family and friends there to watch you seal the deal?"

You may have figured this out by now, but not only are you getting married (insert leaps of joy), you're incorporating your wedding & honeymoon, with what you hope will be the vacation & event of the year for all those who accept your invite. And whether your budget for the wedding is big or small, the out of pocket expense for your guest plays a factor in your actual resort/cruise & destination of choice.

Needless to say, you're looking at a group vacation on top of planning your wedding day. In walks your travel agent with two of the most common group types for destination weddings:

  1. Traditional or Contracted Groups - A traditional group usually requires a minimum of a 10 rooms or cabins blocked off to reserve for their guest to be booked into. The couple would sign an agreement for the block of rooms, based on their anticipated guest list.

  2. Flexible Groups - A flexible group usually requires 5+ rooms or cabins. They are given a code to group guest together and in some cases can be provided with a discounted rate based off of the total cost per booking, but rooms are not held. So guest bookings are subject to availability and pricing at the time their reservation is made.

To simplify here are two (2) pro's and one(1) con's for each type of group:

Traditional Groups:

  1. Rooms or cabins pre-reserved with a set price for all travelers (P).

  2. Lower deposits (P).

  3. Couple pays upfront deposit to secure the resort room/airfare block (C).

Flexible Groups:

  1. No contract for couple to sign (P).

  2. No upfront deposit for couple to pay (P).

  3. No rooms or space held for guest (C).

Depending on how many guest you are expecting, will ultimately determine which type of group is the right choice for your destination wedding. To find out more about room blocks and types of groups for your event go to for your Free 45-minute Group Travel Planning Session.

Looking for a Destination Wedding Planner & Travel Agent in one? Contact us today at to schedule your FREE 60-minute Planning Session and lets chat. For more travel or wedding tips, destination updates and more, be sure to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook or Instagram at @twingeministravel. Don't forget to share this article with someone else who can benefit from the information.

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