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3 Top Honeymoon Ideas for a Non-Beach Honeymoon Escape

Congratulations!! You're getting married! One of the toughest and most exciting parts of planning your happily ever after, is deciding on your honeymoon destination. I just finished working with a honeymoon couple who wanted to experience something other than a beach honeymoon.  So, I thought I’d share a few great alternatives to a beach getaway with you too.

Whether you’re into adventure, exploring cities, or open to totally new experiences there is something for everyone—including YOU.  I can help you create a honeymoon experience that is truly your own around ANYTHING you want!

But first, here are 3 top honeymoon ideas for a non-beach honeymoon escape:

  1. For an Urban Escape, some great honeymoon options include Las Vegas, New York City, London, Paris, or Italy.  You can do as much as you want, or as little.  There are numerous options for nightly entertainment or to enjoy a quiet relaxing evening.  During the day you can enjoy sight-seeing, shopping, historical landmarks, fine art, and more.  The dining options are endless of course.

  2. For a Wilderness Escape, Alaska is a wonderful honeymoon option.  See what Alaska has to offer by cruise and/or a land tour.  If you're only cruising Alaska, be sure to book an excursion or two to explore the beauty of Alaska.  You can also combine the two for a Cruisetour and enjoy seeing the glaciers, Denali National Park, Anchorage and other Alaska landmarks in one extended honeymoon trip.

  3. For Wine Lovers, consider a trip to Argentina, California, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, or Virginia.  Sample some of the finest wines that these areas have to offer and enjoy the beautiful countryside.  Take a wine class, enjoy farm to table dining, learn to make wine, enjoy winery tours, follow the wine trail/routes, or visit a wine museum.Depending on you wedding and honeymoon dates, you may even have the opportunity to attend a wine festival.

I don’t want you to miss out on the best non-beach escapes simply because you didn’t know where to look!  While this was a small sampling of some non-beach honeymoons, I'd love to help you explore MORE non-beach honeymoon options and activities. If you're interested in planning a beach-less honeymoon, simply click on the this link to schedule your complimentary planning session today! If you've been considering a destination wedding (yes, even beach free), Twin Gemini's Travel Agency can help with that too. We're so excited for you!

Twin Gemini's Travel Agency specializes in Group Travel, All-Inclusive Vacations, Destination Weddings, Honeymoons, Cruises and more.

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