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The Plan "B" Wedding Guest List - Do's & Don'ts

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

You've been dreaming about your wedding and planning it for awhile now. You didn't realize that deciding who you want to invite would be stressful, especially if you're having a small event. There are so many people from every stage of your life as well as your partner’s, so who do you choose? Over and above that, you need to consider the fact that not everyone will be able to make it to your destination wedding. This is where that all-important ‘B’ list comes in. When you need to create a second guest list, it’s important to tread carefully, which is why I have put together a list of dos and don’ts.

Start Your List Early

The sooner you can make an ‘A’ and ‘B’ list, the better. If your family is planning to invite guests of their own, give them a deadline for those names. Being able to finalize your ‘A’ list by getting RSVPs early on will ensure you’re not inviting anyone from your ‘B’ list too late in the game. Aim to send your invites at least 8 – 10 months before the wedding if you have a second guest list. This gives you more time to ensure you’re not hurting anyone’s feelings, and also allows for your guest to make their travel arrangements. It’s also highly recommended that you use digital RSVPs to speed up the process. If you do plan to print your RSVP cards, make sure there is a batch with a later RSVP date – you don’t want someone on your ‘B’ list receiving a card with an RSVP date that’s passed.

Keep Your Guest List on the Hush

Mums the word when you’re dealing with a ‘B’ list until further notice. You never know who might let your wedding slip to the wrong person at the wrong time, leaving you in an awkward position. Your wedding planner, family, and bridal party are the only people you need to discuss your guest list with – just make sure everyone is aware that there’s a ‘B’ list.

Prioritize Your List

It really helps to know which people on your ‘B’ list you would prefer to have at your wedding by placing them at the top of the list. This way, once you've confirmed that guests on your ‘A’ list are not coming, you'll know who to send an invite to first.

By keeping these simple dos and don’ts in mind, you can avoid any guest list awkwardness as you plan your wedding. Hopefully, this will make one task on your to do list much smoother. Be sure to follow Twin Gemini's Travel Agency on Facebook or Instagram for more wedding and travel tips. If you'd like more guidance & help with the planning & booking process for your destination wedding, click on the link to schedule your FREE 45-60 minute planning session (no obligation) today and let's chat! With over 7 years in the industry as a certified groups & destination wedding specialist, I'm confident that together we can make your dream wedding a reality.

Twin Gemini's Travel Agency is a full service agency dedicated to creating lasting memories and relationships with our clients. To learn more about our agency and owner, click here.

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