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5 Magical Tips for Making Family Travel Easier

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Summer will be here before we know it, and if you're like me, you have a family of adventure lovers. As life starts to feel "normal" again, I've also been seeing an increase in families booking vacations, and I really wanted to share the top 5 things YOU are asking about with regards to making travel easier with kids.

Part of what makes my job so amazing, is that I get to help each individual family tailor their vacations to their own wants and needs. As a travel agent, I am always learning about different brands & suppliers, and I continue to visit different destinations to gain first hand knowledge that can be useful in helping you make memorable memories with the ones you love.

I hear so many moms and dads say that they want their family to enjoy that special vacation, but aren't quite sure what to do about their son's motion sickness, or daughter's fear of sand. "What if they get to the theme park and characters terrify them?" Or, "what if I am terrified of the sea while sailing on a family cruise?"

This made me think, what if I could share my answers with you, BEFORE we even begin to get the magic started! Here are our top 5 magical tips to making family travel easier.

  • Travel Time: Keep distances shorter if your children are first time travelers. This will make each part of the journey easier for you to plan for.

  • Age Matters: When visiting theme parks, cruising OR visiting an all inclusive destination, it's important to know the age of the children and their interests. Walt Disney World vacations with teens are a whole different vibe than planning for a trip where naps are essential for toddlers. Many all inclusive resorts have waterslides, but some are better for the little tykes, while others are geared towards the big kids and kids at heart. The more we know when planning, the less complaining from your kids during your magical adventure!

  • Pack Light, but pack Smart: AHAHAHAHA... okay, this is not as easy as it sounds, which is why I need to make sure you get it. Packing with the essentials is a must, and the fewer bags (or the lighter the bags you have), the less hassle there will be at the airports from car to check in, and carousel to destination when you may be climbing 2 flights of stairs to your resort room! Less to unpack at the resorts too! Your kids won't remember what they wore, but they will remember you being relaxed and not sweating the small stuff. ** Hears dads everywhere cheering!!! **

  • Ziploc Bags: … the miracle to packing for a family vacation! Yes, cubes are great. Rolling clothes is awesome too, but Ziploc bags... Ziploc bags are everything! From toys & snacks on the plane, to wipes & sandal carriers on the beach, to protecting your luggage from shampoo and sunblock spills while in flight. Ziplocs are the key to an organized vacation. You can always bring extras to put wet clothes, tiny items or trinkets you bought while on your trip.

  • Relax: Yes, that means you mom. Babies will sleep... they will be in the sun and fresh air all day. School aged kids can eat fries and fruit... they will be good. Tweens will love the pools & maybe the fun rides and attractions. And your teens... well... they'll still be teens, but maybe they can hang out with the other teens in the teen club for an hour or so to give you all a fun break. Your level of relaxation will Always set the mood for the whole gang, so take a deep breath and jump in with both feet. This is what keeps US young & fun!!!

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