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5 Sure Ways to Book the Best Winter Deals

Here, in New Jersey it can get pretty cold. I don't know about you, but skipping town to a nice Caribbean island when the weather drops is one of the greatest feelings. Imagine sitting on the beach... or better yet, your balcony/terrace sipping on a drink and staring out into the deep blue ocean. Here's some tips on how you can get the best bang for your bucks and give your friends a serious case of FOMO.

1. Book Early! I can't stress this enough. By booking early, you not only insure that you'll get the best deals and at the best resorts. If you're traveling with family and want connecting rooms, booking in advance gives you higher chances of availability (this is true whether you're going to an all-inclusive or sailing on a cruise). Travel protection plans through suppliers also allows you to have your rates adjusted if the price goes down.

2. Be Flexible! In most cases, you can save a hundreds just by moving your vacation up or back by a few days. Traveling during the weekday, days before a holiday, or directly on a holiday can bring big savings as well. In addition, charter flights save both time & money. However, some chartered flights only go out once or twice a day.

3. Indulge Freely! Indulging on vacation is a must. enjoy yourself to the fullest at an all-inclusive resort. All-inclusive packages can include meals, snacks, beverages, transfers, tips, taxes and non-motorized sports. Because of this... there's no surprises at check-out. Spa treatments and excursions can be included at additional charges.

4. Protect Your Investment! We buy insurance for our cars, homes and even electronics, for those rare instances that something might go wrong. Why not, protect your vacation. After all it is a financial investment. There are a number of circumstances especially in the winter that can cause trip interruptions or delays, which makes insurance highly recommended during this time of the year. If nothing else, it gives you peace of mind.

5. I'm Here for You! It's true, many people can book their vacations online. But they miss out on that personal touch and human connection with someone that will look out for their best interest. Research shows that consumers who book their trips through a trusted travel advisor (that's me) receive greater value and a more enriching experience tailored to their individual needs. With my expertise, properly planning and matching your budget with the experiences that you want will provide for a seamless journey.

Are you ready to start planning for your next winter escape or need help finding last minute deals for travel with in a few weeks or months? Contact Kiesha at Twin Gemini's Travel via email at or or go to the website at to schedule your appointment today. Flexible payment plans and/or 12-month financing available through Uplift.

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