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Destination Jamaica... Fun in the Sun for Groups!

Feel the Vibe!   Sunshine, Adventure, Culture… Jamaica has all that and more for your next group trip!

A mixture of rhythm and energy, that creates a vibe filled with passion and beauty that makes a visit to Jamaica unique and unforgettable. From the mesmerizing and majestic waterfalls, it’s diversity and profound history, to the countless adventures waiting to be explored, the home of “the alright,” is exactly where you need to be.  Whether you're planning a destination wedding, family reunion, or birthday getaway, Jamaica has something for you. Here’s three activities that are great for any group looking to bond and have a great time.

While there are no shortages of rivers and waterfalls, there is none equal to Dunn’s River Falls. This living, growing phenomenon is known as one of Jamaica’s national treasures. While you may be tempted to climb the cool, rocky mountain cascading with waterfalls, I’d highly recommend using the tour guide (there’s no extra charge, and the perfect photographer to capture this amazing experience).

Looking to get your heart pumping? Well, I hope you’re not afraid of heights. If you are this adventure might be the perfect thing to help you conquer your fears. This bundled excursion complete with Ziplining, River Tubing and an ATV Safari ride, will have you flying through the lushes jungles and rugged landscape of Jamaica. Perfect opportunity to see this beautiful country from different angles.

Bob Marley and Reggae fans alike won’t want to miss the opportunity to take a stroll through Nine Mile, visit his Museum and Mausoleum, and enjoy the breathtaking views of Mt. Zion. Perfect opportunity for anyone interested in history and culture. There are so many options out there, but these three gives you a well-rounded view of this beautiful country.  If you could only pick one, which activity would be a must have for you and your group?

For more information on excursions in Jamaica or other destinations, contact me at or use the link below to explore some excursions on your own.

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