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Celebrating Your Special Occasion in the Caribbean

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Hey my travel friends!

Life is full of wonderful reasons to celebrate: Love, Family, Friends, and even Yourself! If you are anticipating an upcoming special occasion – say a graduation or career promotion, a special anniversary, a renewal of wedding vows, maybe even a milestone birthday – there’s no better way to celebrate than with an extra dose of pizzazz and flair.

And what could be more indulgent than sharing a fun and unique travel experience with the people closest to you? Travel is good for the soul and it has a way of bringing loved ones together. For this reason, more and more people are choosing to celebrate their special occasions far from home.

Here are 6 tips to consider when celebrating in destination:

  1. Plan a special activity. Be sure to plan something unique and make it the highlight of the trip for everyone. Maybe a group snorkel trip or ziplining through the rainforest. Too adventurous? How about a day of sight-seeing, wine tasting, or a custom cooking class of local cuisine.

  2. Do something you’ve never done before. You’ve always wanted to swim with the dolphins? Now is the time to check that off your Bucket List. Invite your adventurous guests to join you and then meet up with your laid-back guests for dinner and drinks and stories later that evening.

  3. Celebrate like a local. Since you are far from home and away from your normal routine, embrace the local culture and celebrate like the locals would celebrate. Celebrating your birthday in Jamaica? Plan a trip to Rick's Café and enjoying an evening of dancing & drinking while taking in a beautiful sunset.

  4. Organize a celebratory meal. Designate one meal as the Celebration Meal. Try to arrange with staff before your trip or, at the very least, at the start of your trip so staff have time to prepare. A custom menu, specialty dessert, and signature cocktail are all details to consider for your special meal.

  5. Decorations, cake, and gifts. What’s a true celebration without decorations, cake, and gifts? If this is a party, decorate like it’s a party. If it’s a birthday, you’ll want cake and candles. If it’s a destination wedding or vow renewal, you might want to consider party favors or gifts for your guests.

  6. Capture the moment. Of everything mentioned above, the most important detail is to take lots of amazing photos! This not only provides the guest of honor with a reminder of this special occasion, but each guest has photos of the amazing trip. TIP: Consider hiring a local photographer to document your special occasion. (Check out if this idea interests you.)

After reading these ideas, I hope your mind is bursting with ideas for your next Special Occasion and celebrating in the Caribbean. The possibilities are really endless. Maybe the concept excites you but the thought of planning an elaborate trip overwhelms you. If so, I’d love to help you set a plan in motion. Simply click here to schedule your FREE planning session and lets chat.

Cheers to your upcoming celebration! I look forward to helping you create lasting memories for year to come.

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