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5 Beautiful Locations for a Destination Wedding

Well, 2020 sure threw us all for a loop. If you're like most of us, your plans were postponed or pushed back for many things. Personally, I had a year filled with travel plans that were put on hold. And while my travel plans were either business or vacation related, I know others had to postpone much more important events -- like their wedding.

This year didn't hold back any punches, that's for sure. Hopefully by now you're ready to start dreaming of your wedding again. If you are looking for something easier, more streamlined & exciting, a destination wedding mght be for you.

Here are my top 5 destinations locations for your wedding:

  1. Jamaica: Jamaica is a popular destination for wedding locations with it's beautiful resorts, beaches and the faint sound of reggae music in the background. Couples can opt for ready made resort wedding packages, or customized packages at various venues such as Rose Hall or Cinnamon Hill Great House.

  2. Cancun: Couples looking for a luxury wedding or a spicy celebration bursting with entertainment will have their needs met in Cancun. Cancun was designed with tourist in mind, which makes it easier to design a dream wedding experience.

  3. Cabo: If you are looking for a dream beach wedding, the crystal clear waters of the Sea of Cortez will create the perfect backdrop for your special occasion. Many resorts in Los Cabos offer spectacular wedding packages that can be customized to your needs.

  4. Costa Rica: Known world-wide for its eco-tourism efforts, stunning natural beauty from the rain forest to the beaches, and an extensive amount of wildlife species that live in the varying habitats, Costa Rica is a top-notch destination and creates a beautiful backdrop for a destination wedding and has just legalized gay marriages.

  5. Dominican Republic: The Dominican Republic is known for its picture perfect shorelines & mix of modern aesthetics and all-inclusive luxury. It's famous for some of the best tobacco and master cigar rollers in the world, so hosting a cigar roller at a wedding reception affords guest a glimpse into the country's culture. One of my favorite resorts for weddings and celebrations is Casa de Campo in La Romana, where you can truly live life like the rich and famous.

Were any of these locations already on your list of prospects? If yes, bravo! I hope that this gave you more clarity and the ability to narrow it down. If they weren't, are they now? There's a big world out there with many options to choose from.

Is Time of the Essence When Planning Your Destination Wedding? Love More... Worry Less! If you're ready to explore the possibilities and find out how incredible we can make your destination wedding, go to to schedule your FREE 45-60 minute Planning Session today with no obligations! I'd love to chat with you.

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